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Anita Blake from the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series by Laurell K. HamiltonBook Character Contest


1.) NO HARRY POTTER OR TOLKEIN. Nothing against either one of those, it's just that everyone and their cousin would send in LotR and HP stuff if we didn't tell them not to.

2.) The book must be fiction. No sending us dolls of the girl doing experiment 3-A in your science text or real people and saying that the book you did is a biography of that person. We also won't accept comic book or manga entries.

3.) Don't send us a doll if the book was released to coincide with something visual, like a movie or a TV series or a doll. Sorry, but we won't be accepting entires of the X-Men novelization, the Buffy book series, or the American Girl collection.

4.) Do not use movie versions of characters. Use the book version. If we get a single brunette Lestat or a Willy Wonka that looks like Gene Wilder we will scrap the entry.

5.) The book must have no pictures (cover art excluded). Don't send us a doll of a children's book character. (Exception: if the book has illustrations at the beginning of each chapter, not necessarily of the characters.)

6.) As always, NO FRAKENDOLLING. Anyone caught doing this will be disqualified and banned from entering future contests.

7.) You can enter up to three entries.

8.) Deadline is December 10th.

9.) Send all entries as a transparent .gif or .bmp.

10.) Have fun and be creative!

First, second, and third place winners (as well as Goo's choice and Digilee's choice) will recieve certificates and links on our site. All entrants will recieve a certificate of participation.

Please send all entries to, subject "Book Contest" with the following info:

E-mail Address:
Doll's Name:
Book/Series Doll is From (Author Included):