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1.) When you adopt a doll, save it to your own server and link back to us. DO NOT DIRECT LINK. Goo's bandwidth is bought and it doesn't come cheap, so DON'T STEAL.

2.) DO NOT FRANKENDOLL. That means do not take pieces of our dolls to make your own. It's really not that hard to make dolls and if you can't make them without stealing you shouldn't be making dolls in the first place.

3.) Do not adopt dolls that say "Do Not Adopt!". Simple, no? Yeah, they might be nice looking but they are gifts for people, not for you.

4.) Do not claim to have made dolls that we made. If you do, we will not be happy. That's plagerism and it's something we won't tolerate.

5.) Do not flame us. Our splash page said we were yaoi friendly. Flames will be deleted and ignored.

6.) When you use bases from this site, say so and link back to this site. Do not offer the bases on your own site without permission.

7.) Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. (Wow, we really were sounding kinda nasty up there, weren't we?)

8.) Have fun and enjoy the site!